2019 Annual Report

Our annual report is dedicated to informing you on the activities and accomplishments of your professional association over the last year.

Last year was the REBGV’s 100th year in business. While 2019 was an occasion to celebrate our centennial and honour our history, our primary focus was on planning our future.

We identified and delivered robust new data tools to help you better serve your clients. We partnered with boards across the country to assess what the future of MLS® should look like.

We engaged the next generation of leaders in our membership on how to advance professionalism in real estate.

We began a rigorous succession planning process to help us identify and select REBGV’s next generation of leaders. And we reimagined a public relations strategy that we believe will elevate the profile of REALTORS® and our Board.

Now four months into a new year, our personal and professional lives have been upended by a public health crisis. During this crisis, your Board is working to responsibly manage our association and support you through this challenging period.

Explore this annual report to learn more about the actions your Board has taken over the last year to provide you with the best possible products and services.